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Video Parameter Surveillance

A Watchful Eye on Your Home or Business

Wouldn’t it be helpful to see what’s going on around your home while you are away or resting in your home?

What if you could see who is entering the front door, walking around your property?

What if you can keep a watchful eye on business property or secured areas from unwanted entry, etc.,?

Would that give you peace of mind, especially if there are children, pets, or elders in the home while you are not present?

Well, Homeland Security & Investigation has great news for you….our state of the art video surveillance monitoring center will afford you the opportunity to keep a watchful eye on your property wherever you may be!

Our best in class home automation system allows you to add video cameras to the system which enables you to watch live feeds of your home from your web-enabled device and allow  us to watch some feeds you allow for outside of your home.